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Fragrant Oils

Fragrant Oils

Infused with natural oils, Rose of Sharon Enterprise (R.O.S.E) offers quality fragrant oils in a variety of aromatic scents. These fragrant oils are the purest, most concentrated form of fragrance that R.O.S.E offers. 

Simply put a few drops of our fragrant oil into your favorite fragrance oil warmer, and the room will be full of fragrance in minutes! Feel free to mix a few drops from our other scents to create a whole new fragrance of your own.

Does your potpurri or air freshener need a little sprucing up? Sprinkle a few drops to breathe life back into the potpurri or air freshener for everlasting fragrance.

You could also use R.O.S.E's fragrant oils in lamp rings to infuse your surroundings with your favorite scent too. The possibilities are endless!

So pick up a bottle or two and see how Rose of Sharon Enterprise's fragrant oils makes a big impact in a small drop!