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Our Home Fragrances

Rose of Sharon Enterprise provides a collection of long-lasting home fragrances fit for any room in your home or office. Whether you want to liven up your space with or without a flame, we offer a range of options in a variety of scents to create the ultimate aroma experience. 

Our line of home fragrances include:

  • Candles
  • Potpourri
  • Room Sprays
  • Sachets
  • & More!

So browse our line of products to find your new favorite home fragrance!

Candles »

Looking for a warm glow to have in your living room? Choose from dozens of scents handcrafted by Rose of Sharon Enterprise in Waynesville, OH. We have everything you need for an exceptional fragrance experience. 

Whether you're looking for a fresh aroma or an accent light, you can't beat our candle selection! We carry a unique assortment of fragrant candles for home or office, including:

  • Jar Candles - cotton/soy wax blend
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Fragrant Oils »

Infused with natural oils, Rose of Sharon Enterprise (R.O.S.E) offers quality fragrant oils in a variety of aromatic scents. These fragrant oils are the purest, most concentrated form of fragrance that R.O.S.E offers. 

Simply put a few drops of our fragrant oil into your favorite fragrance oil warmer, and the room will be full of fragrance in minutes! Feel free to mix a few drops from our other scents to create a whole new fragrance of your own.

Does your potpurri or air freshener need a…

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Potpourri »

Featuring unique blends with eye-catching visuals of the elements, R.O.S.E's potpourri creates layers of long-lasting fragrance in any space. Rose of Sharon Enterprise's line of potpourri products includes:

  • Potpurri
  • Rosehips
  • Pods
  • And more!

Our potpurri is made with premium natural botanicals and decorative accents. Display in bowls or baskets for an easy decor solution for your home or office!

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Room Sprays »

Need a spritz of fragrant goodness? Rose of Sharon Enterprise (R.O.S.E) in Waynesville, OH offers a collection of home fragrance mists and room sprays as an effective way to transform the air of any room or space.

Our concentrated room mists fill any room for a few hours with your favorite scent at the press of a button! Provide instant fragrance wherever you need it:

  • The car
  • The bathroom
  • Near the garbage can
  • The foyer
  • And beyond!

We provide a selection of 4 fl oz. room mists…

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Sachets »

Bring any scent into small spaces with Rose of Sharon Enterprise's selection of sachets. Our fragrant sachets are small, but still provide big bold aromas to any small space. 

For example:

  • Stuff your dressers and closets with a sachet!
  • Scatter them throughout your car or office!
  • Place one by the trash can!
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Wax Melts »

Want a fragrance without a flame? Rose of Sharon Enterprise in Waynesville, OH provides a range of wax melts for those who'd rather skip the flame but not the fragrance. 

Enjoy high quality scents with every cube of our tart melts. Just break off a cube into your favorite tart burner and wax warmer, and prepare for the ultimate immersion in your favorite scent. 

Our wax melt cubes are a great flameless alternative to conventional fragrance options for the home or office.

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