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Pamper Me. Bath & Body

Peaceful Soul, a division of Rose of Sharon Enterprise, offers bath and body products to compliment the inner beauty and are created with the highest quality of organic and natural ingredients. Manufactured with essential oils, we strive to honor the sacredness of space, support fair trade, and utilize cruelty free ingredients.

Enjoy some "me" time with R.O.S.E's Pamper Me. Collection. From bath salts to foot salves, find the perfect pick-me-up and calm-you-downs for your daily routine.

Bath Salts

The Pamper Me. Collection provides an assortment of fine-textured mineral bath salts, full of essential oils and aromatic compounds.

Available in a variety of aromatherapy scents, treat your mind, body and spirit in a relaxing bath thanks to our bath salts.

Salves & Terracotta Scrubbers

Are your feet aching or cracking? Let our Heel Me. Foot Salves provide some much needed nourishment!

By using cooling, refreshing essential oils and organic ingredients, our foot salves moisturize, soothe and help heal dry, rough, cracked heels and feet.

Dig Me. Botanical Gardener's Salve. An infusion of olive oil and beeswax with pure essential oils and vitamin E designed to keep hard working hands soft and smooth.

Buzz Me. Beeswax Candles

Beeswax has long been known for its beneficial properties. Recent studies have even shown that burning candles made from beeswax can help eliminate and remove toxins and allergens that circulate in the air.

Sugar Scrubs

Does your skin look dull and lifeless? Let our sugar scrubs take care of those dead skin cells!

With moisturizing essential oils and sugar's natural components, our sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin, leaving it silky smooth with a warm glow.


Enriched with essential oils and organic ingredients, our body lotions leave your skin soft, smoothed and nourished.

With an assortment of aromatic scents available, you and your body will thank you for using our body lotion.

Lip Balms

Are your lips crying out for some TLC? Our flavored lip balms can do the trick!

Featuring pure, all-natural and organic ingredients and essential oils, to nuture and hydrate lips.

Organic Soaps

Bored of your soap or body wash? Our Pamper Me. collection offers a selection of certified organic soap bars for ultimate rejuvenation.

Our soap bars provide a long-lasting lather, leaving your skin radiant and healthy. Indulge yourself today!

Room & Body Mists

Give your room and body a health aromatherapy session with one of our Pamper Me. room & body sprays.

By using organic ingredients combined with a witch hazel base and natural essential oils, our room & body sprays deliver a much needed pampering experience.

Dream Pillows

These unique and handmade dream pillows are filled with aromatic herbs to evoke a soothing night's slumber.


Our Handcrafted incense are available in Nag Champa, Sandal Wood, Frankincense, and Spirit Sky.